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We are a full-service repair shop.   Here are some of the services we offer; contact us with your specific needs or a diagnostic if you're not sure what the problem is.

General automotive repairs - all makes and models, diesel and transmission repair, NYS inspections, digital camera alignments.

Eli Auto & Towing, LLC offers 24 hour towing and roadside assistance such as lockout service, fuel delivery, jump starts and tire changes,


The New York State Vehicle safety inspection program helps make sure every vehicle registered in this state meets the minimum standards for safe operation on public streets and highways. In addition, most vehicles are subject to an emissions inspection to help reduce air pollution.


Wheel alignment, sometimes referred to as breaking or tracking, is part of Standard automobile  maintenance that consists of adjusting the angles of wheels to the car manufacturer specifications. The purpose of these adjustments is to reduce tire wear, and to ensure that vehicle travel is straight and true (without "pulling" to one side)

Transmission Repair

If you suspect a transmission problem, we recommend scheduling an appointment to have your vehicle looked at. You may experience the transmission slipping. It can feel like you're driving in a certain gear and then it changes for no apparent reason. Other symptoms to watch out for are rough shifts. delayed engagement, fluid leak, burning smell or transmission warning light.

Heavy Vehicle Safety Inspections

Eli Auto is certified to conduct New York State Heavy Vehicle Inspections

Exhaust Repair

You may need an exhaust repair if you notice increased engine noise. The exhaust system muffles engine noise so a leak will cause loud rumblings. Likely spots for an exhaust leak include the exhaust manifold and anywhere there are joints along the exhaust system. An engine leak at the manifold can greatly increase engine volume and possibly allow harmful fumes to access the passenger cabin putting you at risk of being poisoned by the toxic fumes. You may also experience unusual vibrations coming from the steering wheel or gas pedal and lower MPG.


Business hourly labor rate: $/hour

Engine diagnostic 

Code read & clear 

No start diagnostic 

Wiring diagnostic 

Estimate time/diagnostic 

Full service inspection 

Transmission diagnostic 

Customer supply oil change 

Synthetic oil change

(five quarts & filter) 

Conventional oil change

(five quarts & filter) 

Diesel oil change 

Ford diesel oil change 

NYS inspection 

Safety only inspection 

Heavy duty inspection 

A/C check 

Two-wheel alignment 

Four-wheel alignment 

Tire mount and balance 

Tire rotation 

Tire swap on rims 

Flat tire repair 


Roadside service

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